This is Johana!

This is Johana!

This is Johana!!


Today we are going to talk about one of our suppliers.

This is Johana. And it is who makes goat cheese Uncle Aurelio and Quesuco. Those who have tried it will have much to thank you!

It is of an Extremadura town that is called Losar de la Vera. When we call her on the phone, we take care of the village cooperative, where they feed. They pass us with Johana, who have left a corner in the ship to heed the calls of customers looking for their cheeses.

Having tasted their cheeses, we were crazy about having them in our cheese shop, but we did not know the prices. So we called her over and over again. She insisted on sending us cheeses to try and we insisted that we had already tried them and that what we wanted were the prices !! Finally … he sent us a box of cheeses to try, and the prices written in a post-it !!!

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